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When buying a new bike, the choice of the brand is one of the first questions to ask. Whether it is for the universe, the history, the quality or the price, it is normal to think: is Magna a good bike brand?

I am a bike aficionado who researched for you the important information about the brand to help you know if Magna bikes are good bikes.

Let’s get started.

What is the Magna bikes company?

The Magna brand was created by Paul Anderson is a brand owned by the Dynacraft BSC group, which specializes in the production and distribution of bicycles and bicycle components in the United States. Dynacraft is one of the most important groups in the industry, supplying many retail partners such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Academy.

Dynacraft BSC, formerly known as Dynacraft Industries, Inc, was founded in 1984 and is now based in Port Wentworth, Georgia.

You’ve probably already heard of this group since it owns a large part of the entry-level bike brands (Magna, Next, Ozone…), targeting a budget-conscious public and offering them affordable solutions for a decent quality ensuring comfort and safety. 

The Magna bicycle brand is mainly known for being an inexpensive alternative to high-end bikes.

What types of bikes does Magna make now?

Today, the brand offers on its Amazon catalog 2 categories of bikes: mountain bikes and kids bikes.

In its catalog we can find 15 different bicycles and frames.

Is a Magna bike expensive ?

Overall, the prices correspond to entry-level bikes..

As for the price, the brand offers a quite short range. The cheapest model offered costs $168.99 (We do not take into account kids bikes which would distort the average price) while the maximum price is $295.98.

Where can I buy a Magna bike?

Many retailers are partners, including Amazon, Target and Walmart..

The best thing for you to do is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. A tool is set up to find a bike as easily as possible, in a store near you or directly, if this service is available, in your mailbox (if there is enough space of course).

How reliable are Magna bikes? Are Magna bikes good?

From a bike of this range, the models are okay. The bikes are sturdy, roadworthy and will ensure an easy ride. For the price, this is a nice alternative to more expensive, big name bikes. For me it will be ideal to offer a child or teenager a magna model to get his first miles, especially if your budget is tight.

It will also suit beginners who don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for a versatile bike, go to walmart and walk out with the bike in hand.

There is of course a “but”, I prefer to remain cautious because some will call all models coming out of low cost stores “useless”. In my opinion Magna offers bikes that work very well, with a very good finish when you keep in mind the purchase price. Revisiting your expectations is important when you buy a bike at a very low price.

So, no, it will not be suitable to go on complicated, rocky trails, nor on too rough terrains.

A magna bike will be perfect on roads or small inegalitarian paths, without looking for too extreme performances.

Of course, a bicycle remains reliable if it is used as designed. Make sure you use your machine properly and maintain it regularly, for example, adding an extra $50 for a complete check in the nearest bike shop is a great advice to make sure everything is ready for some miles. 

What are the cons of Magna bikes?

As with other department store bike brands, Magna tries to design the best possible bike for its price range. 

The limit is not in the design, but in the assembly. Bikes like this are made in China but sold in the U.S., which makes the assembly process difficult to follow step by step. 

The problems people may encounter with their new bike are due to assembly issues and should be identified before the first ride. 

Always check your new bike before riding it for the first time, safety first.

Once you are sure that everything is correct and well assembled, you don’t have to doubt anymore and you can enjoy your new bike!

What is the Magna’s Warranty?

On the manufacturer’s website, we can read:

The frame and fork are warrantied for the Useful Life of this bicycle. All other components, with the exclusion of components subject to normal wear and tear are warrantied for a period of one year after the original date of purchase. 

Source : Dynacraft BSC

So, is Magna a good bike brand?

Yes, if you’re looking for an easy to use and affordable bike. 

As other department store bike brands, Magna’s bikes are designed to be the best bikes in the low-priced category, however, we can’t expect it to be as efficient as a $2000 bike when its cost represents 5% of it.

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