Is Ozone A Good Bike Brand? – Easy Guide

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When buying a new bike, the choice of the brand is one of the first questions to ask. Whether it is for the universe, the history, the quality or the price, it is normal to think: is Ozone a good bike brand?

I am a bike aficionado who researched for you the important information about the brand to help you know if Ozone bikes are good bikes.

Let’s get started.

What is the Ozone bikes company?

The Ozone brand, in its full name Ozone 500, is a brand owned by Dynacraft BSC, Inc.

This company was founded in 1984 by Jerome Berman and has undergone several moves. The first one in 1998 when the company relocated to San Rafael, California. Today, while it remains in California, Dynacraft is based in American Canyon.

The main focus of Dynacraft BSC, Inc. is the importation and distribution of bicycles, scooters, pedal-powered vehicles and battery-powered pedal-powered vehicles. The company deals with the most important retailers in the United States.

Thus, the company’s products and Ozone 500 products will be easily available through online retailers, such as Academy.

What types of bikes does Ozone make now?

The Ozone 500 bikes are targeted at a very specific customer population: small budgets.

Ozone’s challenge is to meet the needs of those who use a bicycle for the smallest possible price.

In their catalog, you will find road bikes, city/urban bikes, BMX, mountain bikes and kids bikes.

Screenshot of the Academy catalog

All bikes are designed for beginners or people who do not want to ride intensively (like downhill, enduro, rough terrain, etc..). The models are perfect for commuting, city travel, fitness or riding on smooth roads for pleasure.

Where are ozone bikes made?

As for many brands, Ozone bikes are made in Taiwan and China.

This does not negatively impact the quality since some of the best bike frames and components are made there: Giant for example.

Unfortunately, for bikes of this price, local manufacturing would be complicated.

Is an Ozone bike expensive ?

Overall, the prices correspond to the entry-level. And that’s good.

An Ozone bike will cost you an average of $150-200 (The most expensive bike is $399.99), which is almost unbeatable when you look at the competitors. On top of that, for this price, you still get quality components from big names like Shimano (Shimano 21-speed derailleur for example). Of course, you can’t expect to be equipped with the best on the market, that’s not the goal. Ozone Bicycles is mainly a very good compromise in quality/price when you are looking for a first bike for yourself or your kids.

Why not increase the quality (and thus the price) a little bit? That would make it possible to have better bikes – but that would completely change the target of the brand, which would be for another market. Bad idea.

Of course, these bikes will not be suitable for professionals or people looking for performance, unfortunately for them, it will be necessary to put the hand in the wallet and aim at brands like Trek, Polygon, Santa Cruz, and others.

I’ll say it again, not everyone has $1500 to spend on a bike, and Ozone bicycles are the perfect answer to this problem.

Where can I buy an Ozone bike?

Many online retailers are partners, including Academy.

How reliable are Ozone bikes? Are Ozone bikes good?

From a bike of this range, the models are good. Having received a lot of positive feedback, I can say that Ozone offers good models in its price range.

For example, Ozone’s mountain bikes have nice features: an aluminum frame for a light bike, knobby tires for more grip, steel fork for a smooth ride. 

For many users, the conclusion is without appeal, they have tested other cheap bikes before an Ozone, and the latter proves to be much better. More comfortable, brakes that work, a smooth bike ride, and a nice looking bicycle.

To quote some negative feedback, I’ve come across a few people who had a problem with their chain, hard to say if they were unlucky or if it’s a recurring problem. In any case, a chain is really not expensive to replace.

Of course, a bicycle remains reliable if it is used as designed. Make sure you use your machine properly and maintain it regularly.

What Are Typical Problems With Ozone Bikes?

As I mentioned above, I have received some negative feedback on the chain of some bikes that could present problems.

Concerning the mountain bikes, some comments share the fact that the bikes are not adapted to “real mountain trails”. I’m not really surprised to read that, because I can imagine that some people wanted to test their bikes in more extreme conditions, with rocky and difficult roads. Again, I don’t think these budget bikes are made for that. A smooth dirt trail in the forest is easily possible, but for difficult conditions, you’ll have to put your hand in your wallet and buy a bike that has been designed for that.

When you pay $200 for a complete bike, I find it hard to complain about the quality or reliability, the price tells you what you can expect.

Are Ozone Bikes Better Than Schwinn?

Before making any comparisons, let’s remember that Schwinn is one of the most famous bicycle brands in the world. A pioneer in the cycling industry for over 100 years, the brand has a very different aura than Ozone.

Schwinn has long accompanied professionals, offering ambitious and cutting-edge quality bike models. Today, it is true that Schwinn is no longer as high as it was in its heyday, hit by bankruptcy at the end of the 20th century, the company has struggled to get back on its feet and offer high-end bikes as it once did. However, the company offers entry-level bikes that are still above Ozone, the price is also higher. Schwinn is now in the entry range of the market, even mid-range for some models costing more than 1500$.

The two brands are not comparable because they do not target the same customers nor the same market.

It would be wrong to say that Ozone bikes are better than Schwinn bikes.

What is the Ozone’s Warranty?

On the manufacturer’s manual, we can read:


This warranty covers all parts of the bicycle to be free of defects in workmanship and materials

Source : Ozone’s Manual

My advice is to make sure of the warranty when you buy directly on the seller’s website.

So, is Ozone a good bike brand?

In the market of very economical bikes, yes, Ozone deserves its place.

A very good compromise that will undoubtedly allow many people with a small budget to start cycling, and that’s a good thing.

Buying an affordable bike from them will allow you to discover comfortable rides and have fun during your outings. For this, Ozone seems to be well placed among its competitors. I don’t know if you knew it, but the danger to avoid when you start biking is to buy something of too bad quality and not to like the discipline because of it, what a pity!

If you plan on getting more involved in cycling and the budget is there, you can start aiming a little higher.

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