The Story of LandRun100

By the end of 2011, District Bicycles was forming. It was at this time that the team began to discover that the area around Stillwater, Oklahoma was ripe for cycling in singular conditions. The trails needed to be explored in gravel.

In 2013, the Land Run 100 was created, with the goal of sharing these unique and amazing roads that no one had ever ridden. An event for cyclists, by cyclists.

The idea is relatively simple, the first edition of the LR100 consists of riding 107 miles of road in the Stillwater area, a characteristically red road in Oklahoma. The road is far from smooth and easy with its 6,000 feet of climbing.

These roads considered miles of “B” roads by many have turned into a reason for enthusiasts to gather, exchange and share, forming a growing community year after year.

If the first edition of the Land Run 100 started with 121 runners on the starting line, it is with more than 3000 registered that it started in 2020. So many people are ready to face the terrible elements of this race.

And yes, because it is the harsh conditions that often make the race difficult, in addition to its length. At each edition of the LR100, the weather is a determining factor.

When it rains, the road becomes absolutely impassable, a thick red mud forms, making it very difficult to move forward. If you look for pictures of the race, you will see a lot of pictures of riders with their ankles in the mud, struggling to move with their bikes on their back.

This is the stuff that makes this race unique.

Also, just because one year the rain is avoided doesn’t make the race easy. When the roads in Oklahoma are dry, the dirt and gravel are compacted, and the LR100 puts us to the test. The event pushes you to the limit and allows you to live a unique experience with strangers at the beginning, who become friends at the end (am I talking about the race or the whole event?).

Each year, the new edition surpasses the previous one, this movement participating in the very definition of this race: redefining the possible.

Between all the possible races within the event, participants from 47 countries come to test themselves and have an extraordinary experience. One hell of an evolution.

In 2020, the race takes a turn by rebranding from Land Run 100 to The Mid South.

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