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Check out our road bike tire pressure calculator to find out what adjustment suits your needs.

How is our road bike tire pressure calculator made?

Our road bike tire pressure calculator takes into account many parameters such as the rider’s weight, experience, tire thickness, road conditions… A number of parameters that are then crossed to obtain the best possible recommended pressure, the most accurate according to your profile. We have also chosen to consider that the internal width of your rim is between 17 and 21mm.

We also used documentation provided by several manufacturers such as ENVE or SCHWALBE regarding their own recommendations and adjusted this according to our experiences and feedback.

We will repeat it many times, the pressure we give you is a recommended pressure and not an optimal one, it’s up to you to use it and play around to find the one that best fits your desire for comfort, performance and your safety. In any case, do not forget to respect the recommendations of the manufacturer of your tire models and to read them well.

Road bike tubeless tire pressure calculator

Some of you may use tubeless tires since they are expending in road cycling. Don’t worry, our comparator will also help you with it.

Important thing to know, your tubeless tire allows you to inflate less your tire than with a “classic” tube tire, eliminating a little more vibration, giving a better performance and grip. Your tubeless tire will also be less prone to punctures.

One last thing, be careful not to under-inflate this type of tyre, as it is the pressure inside that allows it to be properly mounted on the rim. Inflating it too little will cause you to ride on improperly mounted wheels and badly positioned tires, which can result in an incident.

Road bike tire pressure chart

With our research, we also established a road bike tire pressure by weight of rider by crossing different data and charts shared by individuals and manufacturers. This chart can be another basis for finding the ideal tire pressure. Again, the data presented here should only serve as a starting point from which you can arrive at the pressure that best suits your profile.

The difference between the data in the road bike tire pressure chart and the calculator is due to the fact that the road bike tire pressure calculator takes more data into account and tries to be more accurate.

Rider weight25mm Tire width28mm Tire width30mm Tire width
120 – 130 LbsFront: 70 / Rear: 73Front: 58 / Rear: 61Front: 52 / Rear: 55
130 – 145 LbsFront: 73 / Rear: 75Front: 61 / Rear: 67Front: 55 / Rear: 58
145 – 155 LbsFront: 75 / Rear: 84Front: 67 / Rear: 70Front: 58 / Rear: 61
155 – 165 LbsFront: 84 / Rear: 91Front: 70 / Rear: 77Front: 61 / Rear: 67
165 – 175 LbsFront: 91 / Rear: 99Front: 77 / Rear: 84Front: 67 / Rear: 70
175 – 190 LbsFront: 99 / Rear: 102Front: 84 / Rear: 87Front: 70 / Rear: 73
Road bike tire pressure by weight (PSI)

For more information, read our detailed article on everything you need to know to find the optimal pressure for your road bike tires.

Can you overinflate a bike tire?

Never exceed the manufacturer’s pressure gauge on the tire. This is the most important advice I can give you. Overinflating a tyre in the best case will cause a lot of vibrations during the ride, but in the worst case the tire could explode while you are riding.

Some tire models also have a minimum pressure that should not be exceeded. Here the opinions are more clear-cut. Some will tell you that it is possible to exceed this low limit a little, others will say that it is not to be done.
On this point, my opinion is the following: I trust the manufacturers and stay between the two limits they share.

Let’s not forget that, although performance may be very important for some, safety comes first.


Our road bike tire pressure calculator is a tool we offer to help you in your cycling practice. The objective of this one is to give you a base from which you are invited to make some adjustments to finally find the ideal pressure for your profile. Keep in mind that there are as many pressure configurations as there are cyclists, so our calculator does not give you an optimal pressure, but a recommended bike tire pressure from which you can empirically define yours. Depending on your frame, your tire models and your taste, feel free to deviate a little from the values of this calculator to find what suits you best.

We will not be held responsible for any problem encountered during the practice of this sport. Only start if you are confident in your bike and its configuration, if in doubt, never hesitate to talk to a professional in your local bike store.

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