Is BMC A Good Bike Brand? – BMC Review

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When buying a new bike, the choice of the brand is one of the first questions to ask.

Whether it is for the universe, the history, the quality, or the price, it is normal to think: is BMC a good bike brand?

I am a bike aficionado who researched for you important information about the brand to help you know if BMC bikes are good bikes.

Let’s get started.

What is the BMC bikes company?

The BMC brand was created in Granges, Switzerland in 1986 by Bob Bigelow.

The 37 years old brand is mainly known for having sponsored the BMC Racing team until 2018 and for being today the equipment supplier of the AG2R Citroen and Qhubeka Assos teams.

If you watch the Tour de France, you’ll recognize the logo everywhere.

What types of bikes does BMC make now?

Today, the brand offers on its website several categories of bikes: road, gravel bikes, MTBs, and some urban bikes. You can find electric bikes as well on their website.

In its catalog, we can find 153 different bicycles and frames.

Is a BMC bike expensive?

Overall, the prices correspond to a very, very high-end brand.

As for the price, the brand offers a wide range. The cheapest model offered costs $1,599 (We do not take into account kids’ bikes which would distort the average price) while the maximum price is $15,321.

Where can I buy a BMC bike?

Many retailers are partners, including Mike’s Bikes, BikeExchange, and many shops around the world.

The best thing for you to do is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. A tool is set up to find a bike as easily as possible, in a store near you or directly, if this service is available, in your mailbox (if there is enough space of course).

How reliable are BMC bikes? Are BMC bikes good?

From a bike of this range, the models are excellent. And that’s putting it mildly.

We’re dealing here with one of the biggest brands dominating today’s cycling world. BMC is one of the sport’s leading equipment manufacturers and a major player in the professional ranks. The level of product engineering is exceptional, and the resulting price is also staggering for most of us.

BMC is a brand of rare reliability, solidity, and finish. 

Of course, a bicycle remains reliable if it is used as designed. Make sure you use your machine properly and maintain it regularly. 

What is the BMC’s Warranty?

On the manufacturer’s website, we can read:

What are the key points in the warranty policy for BMC bikes?

BMC provides a voluntary warranty of three years on every frame, and two years on BMC components and paintwork (paintwork one year for bikes before 2014). By registering your new BMC bike within the first six months after initial purchase on the Bike Registration page or within the BMC Companion App, you can extend the warranty on the frame to five years. You can read the warranty provisions in detail on the Warranty policy page.

Source: BMC

So, is BMC a good bike brand?

In fact, it’s one of the best in the world. However, its target audience is very particular, because BMC bikes are generally very expensive, well beyond the budget of most of us.

You don’t need to spend that much to have fun on a bike, just the experienced and performance-oriented professional will be the ideal customer for such products.

If you’re just starting out, unless you’ve got too much money (I hope you do, ahah), BMC isn’t a brand I’d recommend for your first bikes.

Also, when buying your future bike, do not forget to take into account its possible limits.

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