Bicycle Signs Meaning 101 – 13 Signs You Need to Know

Yellow bike riding over a bike lane sign

Like everyone else, you’ve probably wondered about the meaning of these bicycle signs you’ve seen on the side of the road or street. Knowing and understanding the different bicycle traffic signs is essential for safe travel for yourself and others.

For you, I have gathered all the information you need to know about bicycle signs and understand their meaning. Keep reading to learn all there is to know.

Let’s get started.

What does the bike sign mean?

Here you have a list of signs you should know.

Bike lane

bike lane sign

Bike lanes are a special space on the road for bicycles. To recognize them, it is a bike with an arrow always pointing in the direction of traffic. You will find next to it a bicycle lane sign.

A bike lane is forbidden for cars except in a very special case, i.e. if it is necessary to exit or enter the roadway, or to park next to the bike lane.

bike lane ahead sign
bike lane ends sign

Sharrow or shared lane

Sharrow lane sign

Sharrows are arrows that indicate a safe and visible place for cyclists to ride. The arrows point in the direction of travel. In these lanes, pay attention to vehicles parked on the side, and always check that a driver does not open his door when you pass by.

Car drivers should pass you with a wide berth if they need to make this move.

Bike-specific signal detectors

Bike-specific signal detector sign

To make the traffic light turn green, you must place your bike wheel on the mark to activate the detector. Wait a moment and the light should change color.
If a car is already waiting at the same light, it will activate the light for you and it is not necessary to position yourself as explained above.

Dashed bicycle lanes / Dotted bicycle lanes

Dashed bike lane sign

A dotted or dashed bike lane indicates that vehicles may cross the lane to make a quick turn or stop. The space can be used by a variety of traffic and care should be taken when using this type of lane.

Green bike lanes

Green bike lane sign

Green bike lanes are used to highlight specific areas where motor vehicle drivers can cross or turn into a bike lane. You should therefore be extra careful when crossing a green bike lane, as a vehicle can quickly appear.

Bicycle boulevards

Bicycle boulevard sign

On a bike boulevard, priority is given to cyclists. However, a cyclist is still subject to all other traffic signs and signals. Bike riders are always expected to yield to those who have the right of way, whether cars or pedestrians. Be aware of who you are passing on your route.

Bicycle routes

Bicycle route sign

Generally located on low-traffic roads, the bike route sign indicates that the road is a suggested route for bicyclists.

When the sign is yellow, it is used to indicate that the road is shared with bicycles and that you should be extra careful not to endanger them while driving, especially when trying to pass them.

If the sign is round and blue, it indicates that only bicycles are expected on that lane.

Bike parking

Bike park sign

The bike parking sign indicates a location where there is a bike park.

Bike crossing sign

Bike crossing sign

This sign indicates to drivers that bicycles may cross the road in the future.

No bicycle

No bicycle sign

This sign indicates that bicycles are not allowed on this path.

Train tracks sign

Train tracks sign

This sign indicates the existence of train tracks that can be dangerous for bicyclists. A fall can result in injury, so be especially careful when crossing these rails to avoid endangering yourself and others.

Yielding to pedestrians

Yield to pedestrians bike sign

This sign indicates to cyclists to give way to pedestrians.

Bikes keep left sign

Bikes keep left and pedestrians right sign

Here, it is expected that bicycles position themselves on the left side of the lane while pedestrians position themselves on the right. Thus, it allows to share a path without endangering their users.

What are the useful bicycle hand signals?

You have here a very complete video on all the hand signals to know when cycling, whether alone on the road or in a group:

There are some types of signals you should never forget.


What to do next?

Now you won’t have to ask yourself the question “what does the bike sign mean?” and will be on the safe side on your next ride.

Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you!

To ride safely, don’t forget to properly inflate your bike!

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