The Best MTB Elbow Pads – Top 5 Of 2024

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This is our review of the best MTB elbow pads in 2024.

Any rider knows that safety is key. While it’s important to wear a helmet and other protective gear, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for mountain biking is elbow pads. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, elbow pads can give you an extra layer of protection from the inevitable bumps, scrapes, and bruises that come with hitting the trails.

Good mountain bike elbow pads are essential and worth the money. With the right elbow guards, riders can enjoy their ride without worry.

I’m a bike enthusiast who researched the best mountain bike elbow pads to help you find the best elbow guards for your next ride on a mountain bike.

I found that the Fox Launch D30 is the best pair of elbow pads for mountain biking.

I have included reviews of all the best elbow protection products that can be used by cyclists who have different riding styles and therefore have a diverse range of needs, so you can make the best decision on what to buy.

Let’s get started.

Our Best MTB Elbow Pads

Fox Launch D30 (Our favorite)

IXS Carve Evo+ (Honorable mention)

POC Joint VPD (Upgrade pick)

G-Form Pro X2 (The choice of technology)

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads (For small budgets)

5 Best Mountain Bike Elbow Pads

Our Pick

Fox Launch D30

The best buy you can make, a lightweight product that makes you forget it’s there, and still promises excellent safety and quality. Fox as ever.

I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce the brand. With the Launch D30, this reference in the world of two wheels brings once again on the market a well-finished product, durable, comfortable and that will protect you from falls while leaving you free to move as you want.

Lightweight (150 grams), these elbow pads – ideal for mountain biking – are not even felt when riding. You will enjoy feeling safe with a product that all users recommend.

The only detail to bring up would be the size of the protections. It is advised to take the size above if you hesitate because the elbow pads fit a little small.

Honorable Mention

IXS Carve Evo+

An easy-to-adjust elbow pad with the option of changing the pads after use for washing. A great choice.

IXS offers here a high-end product compared to other players in the market. The pair of Carve Evo+ elbow pads is relatively light (270 grams) and fits well.

It is possible to adjust the position thanks to two velcro straps on the back of the guard, which again ensures good support, thus optimal efficiency.

The pads are also removable and interchangeable so that you can easily wash the sleeve after it has become unbearably odorous, or if you need to replace the pads due to structural failure, you can do so at any time.

Upgrade Pick


No surprise, an excellent product that you’ll find on many riders’ elbows on your rides. The most expensive product on your list, but with POC Joint VPD, you can’t go wrong.

POC is a killer.

As far as breathability goes, the material is very well made. Despite the fact that the side opposite the pad is a full elbow sleeve, it folds very well and does not twist.

Don’t worry about losing your protection while riding. Generally, the only time they slip is when they are very sweaty. However, even if they do slip, it is a minor slip, and it only happens on very rough ground. The inside of the elbow pads has neoprene grips that hold well against the skin.

Concerning the size, make sure you choose correctly by following the guide on their site in order not to make a mistake.

All in all, POC Joint VPD elbow pads are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and protective elbow pad.

New Technology

G-Form Pro X2

A flexible elbow pad that hardens on impact to absorb it. A new protective technology at a low cost, it’s the pleasant surprise of this list.

I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. These G-Form Pro X2 pads are lightweight and provide excellent extra protection against impacts, all while still being comfortable to wear. The fabric is flexible and breathable, ensuring a snug fit with maximum freedom of movement. The design is modern and stylish (I know we don’t care but why not), while still offering ample coverage in the vulnerable elbow area.

The little extra is the ‘SmartFlex’ technology used in this product by G-form. This creation allows to have a soft and flexible material during use, but which hardens and protects particularly well during an impact or shock.

I will always be surprised by what we are able to do.

Budget Pick

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

Quality and finish are slightly inferior to the best-known brands, but a great alternative for elbow pads without having to break the bank.

Considering their price, the Bodyprox Elbow Pads are excellent, and they are as good or better than the named brands that cost over $50.

The padding level is good (it is not too thick or bulky) and the compression support is excellent without being too tight, so there is more than enough room for the user to move around without feeling restricted.

You will definitely be able to reduce “arm pump fatigue” with these elbow pads as they stay in place without cutting or compressing your arms.

For small budgets, the value for money is undeniable. Comfortable protection that will accompany you for all your rides!

MTB Elbow Pads Buying Guide

In this section, a list of tips to know before buying your elbow guards.

Be careful with small elbow pads

It is recommended that elbow pads fit snugly, while still allowing for a full range of motion. If your elbow pads are too tight, they can irritate your skin, block your blood circulation and cause discomfort while riding, which would be counterproductive.

When choosing elbow pads, be sure to measure your arm circumference and choose a size that provides adequate coverage and maximum protection. Also, look for elbow pads with adjustable straps to ensure a good fit.

Avoiding elbow pads that are too small can help prevent injury and provide maximum comfort and protection.

Don’t choose elbow pads that are too large either

If the elbow pads are too large, they won’t stay in place and won’t be able to absorb any of the impacts from a fall or collision. 

Elbow pads that are too wide will tend to slip and not stay in place. This is dangerous for you because if you fall, your elbow pad may not fit properly at the time of impact because it was down during the ride. Alternatively, even if properly positioned at the elbow, the elbow pad may slip on impact and not work properly to protect you as it is supposed to.

Make sure you buy a well-fitting pair so that you don’t spend your outings pulling up pads that slide down your arms.

Avoid a classic mistake: wear your protection under your clothes

Making the mistake of putting bike protection on clothes is a common one. Bike protection is designed to protect your body from the elements and should not be put on clothing. Bike protection should always be worn directly on the skin, as clothes can interfere with the protection’s ability to properly cushion and protect the body.

In addition to making the whole thing uncomfortable, protections placed on clothes are more likely to slip off during an impact, preventing the guards from working properly.

Our Verdict

Thanks to technological advances and innovative materials, MTB elbow pads now come in various sizes and levels of protection. With a vast selection of different shapes, straps, designs, and terrain in mind, you can find the best MTB elbow pads for your needs. But at the end of the day, no matter your preferences, protective gear is essential for all mountain bikers so make sure that you choose the right elbow pads for your activity.

For the breathability, comfort, and protection they provide, the Fox Launch D30 elbow pads seem to be the most relevant and complete pair for mountain biking.

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